3 NEW ways to use your ENJO Eye Pad

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Your ENJO Eye Pad is perfect for removing make-up and cleaning your skin right down to the pores with just water, but did you know there are other ways you can use it? Follow our guide to make it really earn its place in your skincare and make-up routine.

Take a look at this video for some unique ways to use your ENJO Eye Pad:

1. Refresh Your Make-Up Brushes

First, wet your ENJO Eye Pad with just a little cold water. Then take your make-up brush and lightly swirl it around on the ENJO fibres. The gentle action will remove any excess powders, liquids or creams from the bristles, without the use of harsh chemicals that can ruin your brushes. This is also a handy tip that works for any size of eyeshadow brush, if you need to switch colours during application. Whether you’re experimenting with new-season colours or simply looking to get a clean blend across the eye socket, the ENJO Eye Pad will give you a polished look without the need for multiple brushes or the expense of brush cleansers.

2. Make False Lashes Look Like New

False lashes look fabulous but can be fiddly to clean. With this quick trick, your falsies will look like new again! Lay out your falsies on an ENJO Eye Pad, then wet your second Eye Pad with a little cold water. Press the damp Eye Pad over the false lashes to lift away excess glue and mascara. A gentle swipe over the lashes will ensure all the extra bits are removed.

3. Whip Off Your Face Mask

Don’t scrub away at your delicate skin when removing a face mask. Once the mask has done its job, simply wet your ENJO Eye Pad with a little cold water. Using circular motions, you can wash away the face mask with ease! Then to clean your Eye Pad for its next use, simply wash under the tap with a little warm water and soap – all the face mask residue will come right off.

For more ideas on how to use the ENJO Eye Pad in your skincare routine, contact your local ENJOpreneur.

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