HALO is a Dubai start-up company launched in September 2021 that promotes Happy, Healthy and Harmonious living. Our mission is to help our clients and their families work, rest and play in a safe, clean and aesthetic environment. We offer solutions to create healthy and harmonious living spaces. We teach methods of cleaning which are environmentally friendly, economical, safe and efficient. We are the exclusive distributors of ENJO products in the GCC and have been successful convincing households, professionals, F&B outlets and hotels across the region to switch to our environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.

We are recognized for providing the highest quality services and generating sustainable results. Most importantly, we want to contribute to society’s evolution and minimize our ecological footprint. We promote a circular economy.

HALO was founded by two moms, Diane and Tina, who know how rewarding it is to help others. Tina is passionate about plants, fashion and healthy lifestyle and loves helping friends and family with bespoke home styling advice. Diane has spent many years teaching toddlers and helping challenged children as an early learning specialist. She is passionate about reducing the use of chemicals and loves to share her knowledge with others.

Meet Diane, Co- Founder

Diane is an active speaker, giving presentations and hosting workshops about reducing chemical usage. Speaking comes naturally to Diane from her years as an Early Learning Educator. She has 20+ years of teaching experience. She has created bespoke learning materials which assist children in reaching learning objectives. She has been a tutor to the Royal Saudi family and has worked for an elite early learning school in Dubai.


Meet Tina, Co- Founder

For 25 years Tina has led complex industrial and commercial organizations across the US, Europe, Middle East and Africa for a Fortune 500 corporation. She was the Chair of the Women’s Forum for EMEA and continues to coach and support women in business. She holds an MBA with focus on international marketing. Upon moving to Dubai, she took the opportunity to pursue her passions for style and healthy living. She started her own consultancy as a stylist, combining her passions with her organization skills to help people create relaxing home environments.


About ENJO

The ENJO success story begins in the spring of 1985. The innovative entrepreneur Friedrich Engl happens to witness an oil accident on Lake Constance in Austria. The fire department embarks on the arduous task of cleaning up the leaked oil. Friedrich wonders whether there isn’t a better way to handle such environmentally harmful incidents.

Back at home, Friedrich attempts to filter oil out of water using special fabrics. In the process, he discovers that one of the fibres he tested is able to clean deep into the pores. The ENJO idea was therefore born and was then realised by his son Johannes Engl. Johannes founded the company ENJO (= ENgl JOhannes) in 1990.

ENJO is now available in more than 26 countries around the world. More than 2,000 ENJOpreneurs help people make their homes ENJOpure.

In 2024, Johannes Engl handed over the company to his longstanding ENJO business partners Renate and Walter Grießer. The ENJO GmbH was founded and together with the global team they continue the fascinating ENJO idea.

How does using ENJO make a difference?

Created with the environment in mind. Originally designed to clean up oil spills, ENJO products have a deep connection to water and wildlife conservation. 30 years on, and ENJO still endeavours to help the environment. From production to disposal, the water footprint of its products is at the forefront of ENJO’s considerations. With little changes to our lifestyle and consumption habits, ENJO shrinks your water footprint and improves the air and water quality around you.

ENJO protects our atmosphere and our waterways. ENJO’s range of micro-fibre products allows to effectively clean every surface in the house/office with just water. Switching to the ENJO cleaning system replaces chemical detergents with fibre technology and water, which means no chemical wastewater going down the drain and into the environment.

ENJO reduces water use. Water is precious, yet around 80% of water used at home is wasted. ENJO’s patented fibre technology works to effectively loosen, lift and trap dirt with just a little added water. Simply fill your ENJO trigger spray bottle with water and spray to clean as you go. For particularly dirty spots, simply spray a little more. Who needs full buckets of water and detergents? Use ENJO and save water.

ENJO improves indoor air quality. Clean, fresh air is important for our health and well-being, but studies have shown that the air inside your home is around five times more polluted than the air outside, which makes finding ways to improve your home’s indoor air quality beneficial to both your home and the environment. ENJO works without the need for chemicals sprays, detergents and their harmful pollutants. Add plants, open your windows and switch to ENJO for fresh air in your indoor space.

ENJO prevents household waste. Stop buying disposable cloths, sponges, detergents, sprays and the associated cans, bottles and plastic packaging. Use ENJO and water to clean. Then simply wash and re-use your ENJO products. They are made to last up to three years.

ENJO is upcycled. ENJO strive for zero waste process with their cleaning products, so if you’re wondering… wouldn’t my ENJO floor fibre end up in a landfill eventually? We’re proud to say NO. After their useful cleaning life, you can send your products back to ENJO HQ where they are upcycled into home insulation or car seats.

ENJO is 100% carbon neutral. ENJO is produced in Austria and is powered by green energy. 100% of waste is recycled or up-cycled. The company is ISO certified, it sources locally and 70% of its products are packaged with environmentally friendly methods. Carbon emissions are offset through reforestation projects in Nicaragua.