The adherence of the ISO standards 9001 and 14001 takes care of a very organized and structured working process and the compliance of strict environmental criteria. We are aware that sustainability can only be achieved by a day-to-day lived quality awareness. Clearly defined management ratios do not only reassure a continuous improvement in all levels of production but these refinements have also a positive effect on the final products. ENJO is controlled annually in order to maintain the ISO certificates.

The Oeko-Tex label is a recognized benchmark for the consumer and also serves as an additional quality assurance tool for the manufacturer. The concept has become established as a safety standard throughout the textile manufacturing chain and enables checks to be made for any harmful substances at each stage in the production process. The test samples are tested by the independent Oeko-Tex institutes for illegal and regimented substances chemicals known to be critical or risky for health.

ENJO International has signed the “Climate Neutral Alliance” and is 100% climate neutral since September 2015. The “Climate Neutral Alliance 2025” has been created by the company “Illwerke VKW” and aims on contributing to a solution of the worldwide climate problems. Among others, the Vorarlberg companies 11er Nahrungsmittel, Haberkorn, Sutterlüty, Rhomberg Bau, Hypo Landesbank, Alpla Werke and Julius Blum have signed the alliance.

Since summer 2020, ENJO cooperates with the Finnish Asthma and Allergy Association. The Allergy Label tells you that theproduct or service in question will not generally irritate or sensitise the skin, or cause fragrance sensitivity symptoms or other allergy and asthma reactions.
Especially for people with allergies or asthma, this recognition
is an assurance that they can securely rely on ENJO. The association recognizes products which don’t have a negative impact on the condition and therefore make life a little easier
for allergy or asthma sufferers.

Dermatest is an internationally renowned company based in
Germany which tests products for dermatological tolerance.
This means Dermatest checks how the skin reacts to a

  • Clinical dermatological tests according to highest international standards
  • Team of dermatologists and biologists
  • 30 years of experience