ENJO + bacteria

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ENJO + bacteria

Cleaning without chemicals, it’s healthier, it’s safer and it’s faster! But cleaning with ENJOtex fibres and water can also keep your surfaces 6x cleaner than conventional cleaning methods.

Keep reading to clean up all those doubts and learn more about a little thing called ENJOtex Fibre technology.



To determine whether it is possible to achieve the same level of cleanliness with water and ENJO products as with conventional chemical cleaning products.


Surfaces were cleaned using chemicals (according to manufacturer instructions) and ENJOtex Fibres and water.

The Products

  • Dishwashing Liquid, Procter & Gamble
  • All Purpose Cleaner
  • Bathroom Cleaner
  • Active Foam
  • Conventional cleaning sponge
  • Conventional T-Towel
  • ENJO Kitchen Sponge
  • ENJO Kitchen Miracle
  • ENJO Kitchen Mini
  • ENJO Kitchen Allpurpose Cloth
  • ENJO Bathroom Glove
  • ENJO Bathroom Miracle

The ATP-Bioluminescence-Method was used to determine the cleanliness of surfaces.

The cleanliness and amount of dirt on test surfaces in their initial state were recorded.

The amount of dirt on the surface was measured by light intensity (indicated as Relative Light Units (RLU). This indicated the number of living and dead bacteria, as well as fungi.


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The Verdict

As shown by the test results, cleaning with ENJO products has achieved on average a 6.65x better cleaning result. The difference between ENJO cleaning and conventional cleaning was especially significant on rough surfaces.

The test has confirmed that, besides the known advantages of cleaning with ENJOtex Fibre products (e.g. environmental protection thanks to refraining from chemical cleaning detergents) the ENJO products also achieve a much better cleaning result.

How Enjo Fibres Work

Each ENJO product has a unique, tailor-made makeup of five raw materials, specially designed to suit the purpose and the surface that requires cleaning.

The ultra-fine ENJOtex Fibres don’t kill bacteria, they physically lift and remove dirt and bacteria from surfaces. Dirt and bacteria stay trapped within the weave of the fibre and are not released until the fibre is washed. Drying the surface clean with the super-absorbent ENJO Miracle helps prevent/slow bacteria growing.