ENJO + indoor air quality

ENJO + indoor air quality

Indoor air quality is important because it can directly impact your health. Studies have shown poor indoor air quality can cause immediate short-term and long-term negative health effects.

The air inside your home can be compromised by a range of contaminants including chemical pollutants, mould, dust, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), pet dander and odours.


To test the air quality for volatile organic compounds (VOC) after cleaning with different products.


Surfaces were cleaned using chemicals (according to manufacturer instructions) and ENJOtex Fibres and water.

The Products

A glass surface within the test room was cleaned with 3 different types of window cleaners.
The air was then tested (measured in volatile organic compounds (VOC) directly after each clean.
  • ENJO Window Multi Tool
  • Window cleaner with eco label
  • Traditional window cleaner without eco label

Each window cleaning product was tested on the same glass surface. The test room was intensively ventilated before the experiment and after each cleaning products was used and air sample was taken.


Note: At time of test, ENJO Multi Tool was previously called ENJO Window Cleaner as noted in results tables above.

The Verdict

Whilst cleaning with the ENJO Multi Tool, the concentration of all assessed compounds in the test room was always underneath the measurable values.

When cleaning with the window cleaner with eco label, peak values of 96mg/m³ and for the window cleaner without eco label even 112mg/m³ were assessed in the area where the person was cleaning.

How Enjo Fibres Work

ENJO Fibres are ultra-fine.

Each ENJO product has a unique, tailor-made makeup of five raw materials, specially designed to suit the purpose and the surface you’re cleaning.

When combined with water, Fibres works to loosen dirt and bacteria from the surface.

The ultra-fine fibres are wedge shaped, and the exclusive composition mean ENJO reaches every crevice, and the unique weave works to trap and physically hold dirt and bacteria, which is released when the fibres are washed.

Read more about how our fibres work here.

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