ENJO + microplastics

ENJO + microplastics

ENJO cleaning products are handmade and extremely durable. They are designed not only to eliminate chemicals but reduce waste (being reusable for 3 years).

Being reusable means ENJO products need to be washed, which is how they generate microplastics. But how many microplastics do ENJO products produce?


What Are Microplastics?

Microplastics are small plastic pieces less than 5mm long. The first group of microplastics include
granules used in cosmetics and hygiene products and for medical purposes.

The second group of microplastics comes from the disintegration and mechanical abrasion of plastic
products or plastic waste. This includes plastic bottles, plastic bags and synthetic fibres.
Fleece clothing in particular loses a lot of microfibre particles.

Enjo Synthetic Fibre Products


We found that an average ENJOpure home produces 16g of microplastics per year (calculated for a 4-person home). This is equal to the weight of around 7 grains of rice and caused by washing the ENJOtex Fibres.

In comparison, the same family would save 25 plastic bottles of traditional cleaning products per year. There’s also the many litres of chemicals which would go down the drain.

If you want to prevent microplastics from going into the sewerage system when washing, we recommend installing a microplastics filter on your washing machine.


How To Stop Enjo Products Becoming Waste

We’re passionate about reducing household waste, it’s important to us that old ENJO products don’t
end up contributing to a landfill.

When the time comes to refresh your ENJO cleaning products you have options; contact your local
ENJOpreneur who will collect your old fibres or fill in the form on this page and we will share our
prepaid shipping address so you can send us your old ENJO hardware and fibre products.

ENJO International then recycle them into padding for car seats or home insulation!
Find out more about our recycling program here.

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