ENJO old vs. new

old versus new ENJO cleaning products

ENJO old vs. new

A Hygiene Scientist compared the cleaning performance of brand new ENJOtex Fibres to those washed over 200 times.

Keep reading to see what he found and how you can tell if your fibres need replacing.


How Long Do Enjo Cleaning Products Last?

The unique fibres are extremely fine, wedge-shaped and use a capillary action to lift, draw up and trap dirt.

With regular use, overtime ENJOtex Fibres will become worn. This will impact the performance of the product.

Like your car tyres, how long your tyres last will depend on how often you drive your car, the type of driving you’re doing and the terrain you’re driving on.


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Each product was tested on its dust-cleaning ability on the exact same cleaning surface with the same amount of dust.

To measure how effective each product is at cleaning dust, the amount of dust dispersed into the air during the cleaning process was measured.

Thus, the results will indicate how much dust is actually removed during the cleaning process by measuring how much becomes airborne and impossible to clean.


Each fibres cleaning ability was tested on the same tiled cleaning surface and the same surface area.

Step 1 – A swab of a measured sample area is taken before cleaning.

Step 2- The swab is inserted into a lumitester machine that detects ATP. The reading from the lumitester is recorded.

Step 3 – The surface is cleaned with the ENJOtex Fibre and water.

Step 4 – A second swab of the same sample area is taken after cleaning.

Step 5 – The lumitester result is recorded.

Step 6 – The above steps were repeated for each of the five different ENJOtex Fibres.

The Products

5 of the same ENJO cleaning product, the Bathroom Glove, used for varying lengths of time were used for this test.
  • Bathroom Glove – washed 5 times (new)
  • Bathroom Glove – washed 66 times (1 year)
  • Bathroom Glove – washed 133 times (2 years)
  • Bathroom Glove – washed 200 times (3 years)
  • Bathroom Glove – washed 266 times (4 years)

The cleaning performance of five ENJO Bathroom Gloves, used and washed between 5 and 266 times was compared using ATP bioluminescence testing.

ATP monitoring is a rapid testing method used by food and beverage processors to quickly assess the cleanliness of surfaces.

The presence of ATP on a surface indicates improper cleaning and the presence of contamination such
as food residue, bacteria and/or allergens. This implies a potential for the surface to harbour
and support bacterial growth.

This test is looking to determine if there is a point of use when the ENJOtex Fibre is no longer effective at cleaning a surface


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The Verdict

ENJO cleaning products performance drops significantly after 200 washes.

If you use your ENJO cleaning products regularly and wash your fibres 1-2 times a week, your ENJO cleaning products will clean your home effectively for 3 years.

How Enjotex Fibres Work

Each ENJO product has a unique, tailor-made makeup of five raw materials, specially designed to suit the purpose and the surface that requires cleaning.

The fibres themselves are ultra-fine, 100x finer than a human hair, meaning an ENJOtex Fibre cleaning product has a large surface area for picking up dirt and bacteria.

The fibres are also wedge-shaped to loosen and lift dirt, maximising each fibre’s chemical-free cleaning power. Read more about how our fibres work here.