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Product Question

Have questions related to a specific product?

You can find the name of each product on the tag. Our kitchen products are green and designed to cut through grease and absorb spills. Learn more about the Kitchen Range

Our bathroom products are white and are perfect for cleaning soap residue, watermarks and calcium. Learn more about the Bathroom Range

Our Living products are different colours depending on how they should be used, for example our orange and yellow Living products are used dry whereas the blue living products are used with water. Learn more about the Living Range

Explore how to use our Outdoor Range here

Choose the Floor Fibres that best suit the floors in your home. Learn more

Find more information on our Window + Surfaces products here


Are there shipping costs on orders?

Yes, there is AED 25 delivery charge on all orders inside Dubai.
Shipping charges outside of Dubai, within the UAE will be AED 45.

Do you have express shipping?

Unfortunately at this stage we do not have an express shipping option.

Do you ship internationally?

ENJO Dubai ships internationally. Please send a request via Whatsapp or email.

Returns + Warranty + Replacement Parts

Are ENJO products covered under warranty?

All ENJO Hardware including the Floorcleaner, Multi Tool Hardware, Flexi and Trigger Spray Bottle have a Two Years warranty against faulty workmanship. Products are only covered when used for their intended purpose and cared for in the way prescribed at

Fibres which have a manufacturing defect can be exchanged when Products have not been used.

Can you purchase replacement parts for ENJO Hardware?

Yes, there are replaceable components for the Floorcleaner, Multi Tool Hardware, Flexi + Original Window Cleaner.

Care Of Enjotex Fibres

How frequently and at which temperature should ENJOtex Fibres be washed?

All ENJOtex Fibres should be machine washed in a laundry bag after completing a deep clean of any area of the home. Avoid allowing dirty fibres to dry before washing.
We recommend machine washing your ENJOtex Fibres in an ENJO Laundry Bag at 40-60°C with an environmentally-friendly detergent and hanging to air dry. Avoid fabric softeners as this will coat the fibres reducing their effectiveness. ENJOtex Fibres do not like being tumble dried.

Can ENJOtex Fibres be hand-washed?

Yes, following light cleaning tasks, such as, wiping down kitchen benches or a quick touch up of the bathroom vanity, run the fibre under hot water, adding a little hand soap if necessary and hang to dry. We also recommend a hand-wash and soak after cleaning an extremely dirty oven or BBQ prior to placing in the washing machine.

Can ENJOtex Fibres be used in conjunction with essential oils/vinegar/dryer sheets/fabric softener?

Nothing other than cold water is required to clean with ENJOtex Fibres – simply Wet. Wipe. Dry
ENJOtex Fibres do not like to be tumble dried, coated in essential oils, fabric softeners, or doused in vinegar or bleach. Learn more about cleaning and caring for your products.

My ENJOtex Fibres smell, what do I do now?

ENJOtex Fibres that are correctly cared for should not smell which is why it is important to rinse fibres under hot water after each spot clean and machine wash at 40-60°C after each deep clean.
If your fibres do develop a smell we recommend soaking them for a few hours in Lectric Soda (available in supermarkets)before putting through a long 40–60° wash cycle

General Product Info

Do ENJOtex Fibres kill bacteria, viruses or mould spores?

No, ENJOtex Fibres do not kill bacteria, viruses or mould spores, however, they do clean 6x more effectively than chemical cleaners, providing a thoroughly cleaned, dry surface which is essential for disinfectants to work effectively. ENJOtex Fibres remove surface bacteria, viruses and mould spores via capillary action trapping organic material within the fibre’s weave which is released upon machine washing at 40-60°

Why is there only one Laundry Bag per order?

We use Laundry Bags as packaging to provide an alternative usable option that reduces the amount of unnecessary packing waste.

My Floorcleaner is stuck in a half closed/half open position, can this be fixed?

Lift the Floorcleaner off the ground, one side of the base will be rigid the other floppy, raise the floppy section and click firmly on the open/close tab on that side. Both sides will drop into an inverted V position, place back on the floor and click the close tab. We recommend soaking the Floorcleaner Head in warm, soapy water for 30 minutes to remove any built up dirt and dust then remove and dry ready for use.

How do you maintain the Floorcleaner?

To maintain the fluid movement of the Floorcleaner Head we recommend rinsing 2-3 times a year under a strong jet of water, such as a garden hose. Do not use a pressure washer

I have an old floor fibre which one has replaced it?

The floor fibres have undergone variations in colour and composition over the last 28 years;

Dust Floor Fibre – orange + yellow ENJO logo / orange + yellow stripe / orange + dark orange stripe – current
Medium Floor Fibre – yellow + white stripe / blue + yellow stripe / blue + dark blue stripe / blue + white stripe- current
Soft Floor Fibre – yellow / light blue – current
Strong Floor Fibre – green + yellow ENJO logo / grey + yellow ENJO logo / dark blue + light blue ENJO logo- current
Outdoor Floor Fibre – yellow + grey stripe / grey + black stripe- current


Do you have a local ENJOpreneur in my area?

We can arrange for the closest local ENJOpreneur to contact you within 24 hours, please enter your details on our Contact Us page.


How do I recycle my old fibres?

Old fibres may be returned to ENJO Dubai HQ through an ENJOpreneur or via our reply paid address. Head to our Recycling page and complete the form for full details on how to return your old fibres and hardware.

How are products recycled?

All recycling, both fibres and hardware, are returned to ENJO Dubai where they are recycled and made into new products. Read more about the Recycling process.

Do you have environmental certifications?

We are proud of our environmental certifications

Polyester is made from petroleum, why do you use it?

Polyester is a by-product of the petroleum industry that would otherwise be waste dumped into landfill. We take what would have been waste and through a range of ecofriendly manufacturing processes turn it into a useful, environmentally friendly product