Water + fibre technology,
a powerful pair

One-of-a-kind ENJOtex technology allows our fibres to lift and remove dirt more effectively than chemicals. For truly quicker cleaning and cleaner surfaces.

Effective engineering

Unlike disposable cleaning cloths, each ENJOtex Fibre is designed to lift and trap dirt in the fibre.

Patented ENJOtex fibre technology

Carefully selected materials

tested for their cleaning ability and durability

100x finer than a human hair

large surface area and small enough to reach into crevices

Wedge shaped

for more effective loosening of dirt from surfaces

Water + fibre

creates capillary action to lift dirt and bacteria

Expertly woven

to trap dirt and bacteria

Wet. Wipe. Dry®
No chemicals, super clean surfaces.

1. Wet

Just add water

To loosen dirt on the surface

2. Wipe

100x finer than a human hair

Fibre and water creates capillary action to lift and trap dirt and bacteria

3. Dry

Super dry surface

Super absorbent Miracle prevents bacterial growth

Why cleaning without
chemicals works

You don’t need harsh chemicals when your cleaning products lift, trap and remove dirt instead.

Healthier + safer

53% of cleaning products contain ingredients known to harm the lungs

Cleaning without chemicals removes the risk and improves your home’s indoor air quality

Reusable + long lasting

Waste is growing at twice the rate of the population

No pointless packaging and reusable products reduces waste and protects the environment

Greener home + planet

0.45kg of PET plastic can produce up to 1.4kg of CO23

Reusable reduces emissions, and ENJO offset their production emissions with reforestation

Easy + effective

61% of consumers want effectiveness first, 54% look for ease second

Clean with simple products that work every time without complicated instructions or warning labels

Save money + time

Save AED 6,552 over 3 years with a complete reusable cleaning kit, estimated savings based on 4 person household.

Replacing your cleaning products every 3 years means great savings and more time gained