How to care
for your ENJO

If you care for your ENJO products correctly, they’ll last you up to
three years.


Caring for your
ENJO fibres

Looking after your Fibres is super simple. Follow these dos and don’ts to make sure they keep doing all the hard work for you.

Fibres need a deep clean?

If you find your Fibres are still a little greasy or stained after washing, they’re probably in need of a soak.

We recommend a Lectric Soda soak to remove excess grease and dirt from your Fibres – especially those used in the Kitchen.

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How often should I wash my Fibres?

Some Fibres require less cleaning than others. Dust products from our Living range require less washing than products in the Kitchen and Bathroom range. Dust Fibres can be shaken out after each use and washed when saturated with fine dust or just need a refresh.

Following light cleaning tasks, Fibres can be rinsed in hot water (this will release grease) then allow to air dry. If Fibres are heavily soiled, soak in warm water for a few hours before machine washing.

Can I put really dirty Fibres straight into the washing machine?

When cleaning heavily soiled areas like brake dust from car rims or built-up grime on BBQ plates, Fibres can become visibly saturated with dirt. We recommend soaking (or giving Fibres a pre-clean) to remove the majority of dirt built-up dirt prior to machine washing.

How much microplastics are produced from washing ENJO Fibres?

We found that an average ENJOpure home produces 16g of microplastics per year. This is equal to the weight of around 7 grains of rice and caused by washing the ENJOtex Fibres. Considerably less impact to the environment compared with a home that uses traditional cleaning products. Learn more about our micropastics study.

If you want to prevent microplastics from going into the sewerage system when washing, we recommend installing a microplastics filter on your washing machine.

Can I add essential oils when washing my Fibres?

We don’t recommend adding essential oils when washing your Fibres as they can leave an oily coat which will make the Fibres cleaning abilities less effective.

What products do you recommend using to wash Fibres?

Any liquid or powder detergent that does not contain bleach or softener is safe to use when machine washing your Fibres.

For a maintenence clean in between machine washes, use a laundry soap bar (one that does not contain bleach) and give Fibres a quick refresh prior to machine washing if required.

Every once in a while, your ENJO Fibres can be soaked in Letric Soda for a deep clean to dissolve extra stubborn grease and grime.

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