Fairgreen International School

Honesty, it was an absolute delight to work with you guys. The passion that you have for your product and educating why there is a need for it and it impact on the world we live in is just awesome. Thank you so much for helping to make Friday such a great success and the end goal of educating about sustainability. The feedback from staff has just been amazing and the children learnt so much about alternative products that have a massive impact on the environment.

Fernando KGS Holding Ltd.

We are so happy to have The Ferronato KGS Holding Ltd. offices as a customer here in Dubai. Ferronato is synomous with high quality, high end products and we are honored that they have selected ENJO cleaning products for their offices in Dubai.
Ferronato demonstrates a true commitment to protecting the environment, and the health of their staff and customers by using eco-friendly cleaning products and cleaning without chemicals. Thank you Ferronato, Bravo!!!

Little Land Nursery

At Little Land, we have been using ENJO microfibers for 20 years. We always strive to have a chemical free environment for the children as far as possible. 2023 is the year of sustainability in the UAE. In the spirit of this initiative, we are excited to announce that we are working together with ENJO to identify opportunities to reduce waste and increase awareness on healthy ways of living.

The Palm, Golden Mile, Dubai

Thank you to you two ladies, Mariama our cleaner who is fairly shy with people was so impressed and excited to use the products, she started cleaning straight away so I think she feels impowered which is great. Thank you I really look forward to this. It’s just so great to work with people who really are walking their talk in terms of the company and your products which I can see shines through with both of you, thank you thank you so much!” Jade Povey, Community Engagement Manager

Guest House, Boutique Hotel

Time is extremely important in the hospitality industry. ENJO cleans in half the time, which increase your service level. Additionally ENJO will pass your HACCP audits better than conventional cleaning, as it cleans 6x better. 5 star hygienic environment!

Fairmont, Abu Dhabi

We have been using ENJO floor mops and fibers for over 10 years and our staff swears by them, nothing cleans faster and lasts as long.

Ascot Park Hotel, New Zealand

“This environmental step has resulted in the hotel being booked for three major ‘green’ conferences, and will have health benefits too. I am totally convinced the fibre cloths are the answer to the growing problem of people suffering from allergies. It has been applauded by hotel guests who support the growing commitment environmental awareness.

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Singapore

“We have been using the product since 2005 and it has really helped us to save on our chemical costs while at the same time improving on the standard of our hotel’s cleanliness score of 93% as ranked in our monthly guest survey card. Our hotel in Singapore is currently ranked no. 2 in our whole hotel chain. The savings on our cleaning expense line is about 50% since implementation of the ENJO method of cleaning. We are truly impressed with the simplicity of use and the ease of training of our Room Attendants when adopting this method of cleaning…

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Doha

We have been using ENJO since opening in 2019 and cannot clean without it! We were delighted to learn that ENJO is now in Dubai. Thank you Diane for going above and beyond with your customer care and support during COVID, conducting training for our new team over zoom was essential.