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Meet Dubai’s Hygiene Rules with ENJO’s HACCP-Certified Cleaning

Cafe owner cleaning tables with ENJO fibres.

Founded in 1990, ENJO is dedicated to providing top-quality cleaning products that are safe, sustainable, and efficient.

As a company, ENJO is committed to maintaining the highest standards of hygiene, especially for the food and beverage service industry. 

Our HACCP certification demonstrates that ENJO fibers meet the stringent hygiene requirements necessary for products used in food service applications. 

For businesses in the food and beverage industry, especially in regions like Dubai with rigorous health regulations, using ENJO products introduces an extra measure of assurance that your facility is clean and safe for both staff and customers.

What is HACCP Certification?

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) is a management system for food safety. It was developed in the 1960s by NASA and the Pillsbury Company to ensure safety of food for astronauts. 

HACCP is required for all food businesses in Dubai and the UAE under the food code issued by Dubai Municipality. Obtaining HACCP certification demonstrates a food business’ commitment to following procedures that minimize contamination risks and prevent foodborne illnesses.  

The benefits of HACCP certification for a food business include:

  • Ensuring compliance with mandatory regulations in Dubai and the UAE. Failure to comply can result in penalties or closure.
  • Lowering risks of food contamination and foodborne illnesses. This protects customers and builds trust.
  • Providing proof to customers and authorities that food safety protocols are being followed. This can improve reputation.
  • Reducing costs over the long-term by minimizing food waste, recalls, and outbreaks.
  • Increasing operational efficiency through preventative measures and staff training.
  • Gaining a competitive edge over food businesses without certification.

ENJO’s HACCP Certification

ENJO’s HACCP certification demonstrates our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness for businesses in the food and beverage industry. By using ENJO products, restaurants, cafes, and commercial kitchens can be confident they are meeting the stringent requirements of HACCP certification. 

The goal of HACCP is to identify any potential biological, chemical or physical hazards that could contaminate food at critical points during storage, handling and preparation. By implementing HACCP protocols, the risk of contaminated food reaching customers is significantly reduced.

To achieve HACCP certification, businesses must thoroughly analyze their facilities, equipment, staff training, and food handling procedures. Detailed records and documentation must be maintained to prove compliance. Regular audits are conducted to ensure standards do not slip. It is a rigorous process, but essential for restaurants and food service companies serious about food hygiene.

ENJO’s certification proves our ENJOTex fiber products are designed to HACCP standards. Our cleaning system allows staff to effectively clean food contact surfaces without cross-contamination or use of chemicals. 

ENJO fibers are ultra-absorbent, fast drying and remove bacteria pore-deep – key requirements of HACCP. Using ENJO is evidence of a business’s commitment to cleanliness, health and safety.

Meet Dubais Hygiene Rules with ENJOs HACCP Compliant Cleaning 2

ENJO Fibers for Food Service

ENJO’s fibers are specially designed with the needs of the food and beverage industry in mind. They provide an extra degree of cleanliness assurance for your restaurant, cafe or commercial kitchen.

The ENJOTec fibres are constructed to quickly and easily remove dirt, grease and bacteria from surfaces without the use of chemicals. The fibers trap particles deep within the material. This allows for much more effective cleaning compared to standard materials like cotton cloths or sponges with spread bacteria around instead of capturing and removing it.

Using ENJO for cleaning floors, countertops, tables, appliances and more provides peace of mind that surfaces have been thoroughly sanitized without the use of harmful chemicals. The microfibers reach into crevices that hide bacteria and allergens. This helps meet the stringent hygiene standards required of commercial food service businesses.

The durability of the fibers also means each cloth can be washed hundreds of times while maintaining its high performance cleaning capabilities. So ENJO delivers effective cleaning over the long-term use of each cloth AND saves you money.

Overall, incorporating ENJO into the daily cleaning routine better equips food service businesses to meet safety regulations. The innovative fiber material reliably removes contamination and bacteria for healthier facilities and food preparation.

Benefits of Using ENJO

Using ENJO products to clean your food service business shows your dedication to cleanliness as well as to the health and wellbeing of your staff and customers. 

ENJO fibers provide an extra level of cleanliness assurance in your restaurant, cafe, or kitchen. The fibers trap and remove bacteria, grease, and dirt. This helps keep your facilities hygienic for both your employees and patrons.

Employees can feel confident working in a space cleaned with ENJO. The products minimize their exposure to harmful chemicals, germs and contaminants during their shifts. 

Customers also benefit from dining in an establishment committed to rigorous cleaning protocols. They’ll enjoy a meal in a safer, healthier environment.

The HACCP certification proves that ENJO upholds the highest standards of hygiene. Using ENJO displays your commitment as well to these stringent food safety guidelines. Your customers will recognize and appreciate your dedication to their wellbeing.

ENJO is Sustainable

ENJO products are reusable, long-lasting, and 100% recyclable. This makes them a more sustainable option compared to disposable products. Reusability is a key component of sustainability. By choosing reusable products like ENJO, businesses can significantly reduce their waste output and save on costs.

The fibers in ENJO products are extremely durable, lasting for hundreds of washes over as much as 3 years with proper care. So businesses only have to purchase ENJO products once, rather than buying disposable products over and over. This saves money in the long run.

When ENJO products do eventually wear out, they can be completely recycled. The fibers break down and are able to be remade into new products. Nothing ends up in a landfill. This closed-loop recycling system sets ENJO apart as an eco-friendly choice.

Disposable products, on the other hand, generate large volumes of waste that is usually sent to landfills. Switching to ENJO for cleaning tasks helps businesses minimize their environmental footprint. Using reusable products demonstrates a commitment to sustainability that is increasingly valued by consumers.

Helps Meet UAE Sustainability Goals

By using ENJO cleaning fibers, food service businesses can align with sustainability initiatives in the UAE. The country has set ambitious sustainability goals to reduce waste and environmental impact. 

For example, the UAE Energy Strategy 2050 aims to increase renewable energy use and reduce carbon footprint. The UAE National Food Security Strategy 2051 focuses on efficient food production and reducing food loss and waste. There are also goals to improve water management, green growth, and sustainable communities.

Disposable paper towels and cleaning towels generate unnecessary waste and require constant repurchasing. ENJO’s reusable fibers significantly reduce single-use waste from cleaning operations. The fibers can be used for years with proper care.

Using ENJO is an easy way to make commercial kitchens and restaurants more eco-friendly.

Thus enhancing their reputation as an environmentally responsible business meeting UAE National Agenda goals.

Saves Time and Money

Using ENJO reusable fibres saves both time and money compared to constantly repurchasing traditional cleaning tools and products. With ENJO, there is no need to continually restock disposable paper towels, sponges, and cleaning chemicals. The upfront investment in ENJO fibres pays for itself over time through reduced supply costs.

The durable fibres outlast hundreds of rolls of paper towels, eliminating constant reorder headaches and supply closets overflowing with consumables. Staff can spend less time purchasing, stocking, and disposing of single use products and more time on high value tasks.

Cleanups are faster with the quick-drying ENJO fibres and cloths, so staff spend less time wiping down tables, counters, and appliances throughout service. The fibres make cleaning more efficient by cutting through grease and grime in fewer wipes. There are also no batteries, charging cables, or maintenance required as with costly electric cleaning systems.

Overall ENJO provides major time and cost savings compared to relying on endless stocks of paper towels and chemical cleaners. The reusable system streamlines purchasing and cleaning processes to improve staff productivity and the bottom line.

Overall, ENJO offers businesses a reliable and sustainable cleaning system that helps meet both hygiene and sustainability standards in the UAE food service industry. 

The HACCP certification gives peace of mind that ENJO will help kitchens maintain high levels of cleanliness and food safety at all times.

All while saving you time and money.


To learn more about our product please contact Diane or Tina vie or WhatsApp +971 58 582 0254

Discover our ENJO range of sustainable, chemical-free cleaning products that utilizing advanced fiber technology, these solutions effectively clean surfaces while being environmentally conscious and toxin-free. Perfect for greener, healthier living.


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