Zero waste for your home, zero waste for the planet

Waste is an issue we don’t want to add to, so we collect your old ENJO hardware and fibre products for recycling


From how our products are made to where they end up, we consider our impact on the planet

carbon positive production

eco-conscious transport

3 years of zero-waste cleaning

Old fibres and hardware are recycled

ENJO fibre products to be recycled 1

How our recycling program works

Don’t throw out your old fibres, it’s easy to put that would-be-waste to work.

Tell us you have old fibres

Send us a WhatsApp to let us know how many fibre products you’re returning. We’ll then share our pre-paid shipping address.

Old fibres, new life

Old fibres are shredded and pressed into bales and delivered to companies in the local region where they become car seats and home insulation.

*NOTE: Old ENJO products can also be given to your ENJOpreneur who will collect old fibres and pass them on to ENJO HQ for recycling.

How do I know if my fibres are ready for recycling?

If used regularly, ENJO cleaning products start to lose their effectiveness after 3 years

ENJO old product compared to new product


I only have one old fibre, can I still send it back?

We accept all old ENJO Fibres for recycling, however, if you own other ENJO Fibres we recommend sending them back together to minimise emissions.

Is there any benefit to sending back my old fibres?

In addition to preventing landfill waste, you’re making a conscious effort to support a brand that invests in sustainable economy practices.

Do you offset the energy it takes to transport old fibres ?

The emissions created to transport old ENJO products are offset by reforestation projects and since 2015 ENJO International has been 100% carbon neutral and carbon positive since January 2022. In addition to this Solar energy is used to power our International.

Are you creating more waste with your shipping bags?

Our road bags are made from plants not plastic, they are reusable and 100% compostable to biodegrade with ease.