Science of Enjo Skincare

Proudly Dermatest certified.

After intensive testing, Enjo skincare products have been
awarded the highest level of Dermatest certification.

Tried & Trusted

Our Enjo skincare range was specially developed for the thorough and gentle cleansing of skin. When using Enjo Skincare, the pores are gently opened and deeply cleansed – helping to clear congested acne prone skin.

Our Fibres remove excess skin oil and dead skin cells, leaving skin smooth and soft. They also help activate blood flow and stimulate the exchange of oxygen.

Skin is left leaving refreshed with a naturally glow.
Since the Fibres use only water, our largest organ (the skin) doesn’t come into contact with any harsh chemicals.

Enjo Skincare2

What is Dermatest?

Dermatest is an internationally renowned company based in Germany with 30 years of experience.
A team of dermatologists test products for dermatological tolerance. This means Dermatest
checks how the skin reacts to a product according to the highest international standards.

Dermatologically Tested

Skin specialists tested our products under dermatological conditions and confirm our skin-loving status. We passed with flying colors. This study has shown that our skincare products have the following effect after 4 weeks of use.


2% more even skin tone


7% reduction in pores


54% fewer porphyrins* when
inspected under UV light.

*the nasty bacteria that causes acne!

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