Citrus Blossom Calcium Dissolver 300ml/1L

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ENJO’s Calcium Dissolver is specially formulated to complement the ENJO fibres in the bathroom, toilet and utility areas.

When it comes to removing calcium, we trust in well-tried household remedies like citric acid and plant-based lactic acid.

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Key features

Our Calcium Dissolver does not harm the health nor the environment, as it does not contain ingredients like phosphates, parabens, PEG (Polyethylene Glycol), EDTA and NTA (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic and Nitrilotriacetic Acid), which are often added to conventional calcium dissolvers.

Our Calcium Dissolver is vegan, GMO-free and produced in Vorarlberg (Austria) without animal testing.

Highly concentrated active substances

Instead of plastic bottles filled with little active substance and a lot of water, we have the full load of active substances – our Calcium Dissolver is highly concentrated. You will save lots of calcium dissolver bottles. This way we also contribute to reducing the amount of lorries on our roads – because less cleaning bottles also means less transports.

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Essential Oils

For our products we do not use chemically produced fragrances, but only essential oils. These essential oils are 100% plant based. All essential oils which are used for cosmetics and cleaners contain a small amount of allergenic substances. For example our 100% plant based Orange Peel Oil contains Limonene, a natural component of citrus fruits, which is classified as slightly allergenic. As the Limonene in our Soaps is only used in very small dosages, it has no allergenic effect.

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Texture and Colour: 100% Nature

Our ingredients are plant and mineral based, that’s why colour and texture vary depending on the temperature and light. Thin in summer, thick in winter, bright in sun, dark when it’s raining – but always an eye-catcher!