Marble Paste

AED 200.00

Marble Paste is a biodegradable, paste-like cleaning aid made up of 3 key ingredients that help ENJOtex Fibres shift stubborn stains without anything toxic.
Compatible with: Kitchen, Bathroom and Outdoor range


Key features

In case of strong dirt, we use the power of nature. Very fine marble powder acts as a natural dirt solvent and at the same time polishes the cleaned surface. In combination with renewable resources such as sweetcorn and sugar cane, our Marble Paste has a extremely high cleaning performance. At the same time the Marble Paste brings the surfaces to shine. Our formula makes water and dirt roll off the surface.

ENJO’s Marble Paste replaces all common harsh scouring agents.

Area of Use

  • White
  • PP-tub, white
  • Recyclable tub
  • Black lid
  • Adhesive label
  • Approx. 5,5cm, ø 9,5cm


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