Wheat Power Dishwasher Liquid 300ml/ 1L

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For shiningly clean dishes we rely on powerful plant ingredients like wheat bran, sugar beet and sweetcorn.
Our Dishwasher Liquid removes even stubborn dirt and fat. The eco and health friendly recipe is sustainably produced and bio-degradable.

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Key features

Individual Dosage

As our Dishwasher is liquid, the required amount can be chosen individually. Additionally there is less waste than when using individually packed tabs.

No toxic residues

Thanks to the liquid condition, no residues are left on the dishes. Tabs and powder are often not fully dissolved, leaving a transparent (sometimes perceptible) film on the dishes.

Fresh air

Open your dishwasher machine and take a deep breath: the machine smells fresh and clean – without the unpleasant smell of dishwasher tabs.

Texture and Colour: 100% Nature

Our ingredients are plant and mineral based, that’s why colour and texture vary depending on the temperature and light. Thin in summer, thick in winter, bright in sun, dark when it’s raining – but always an eye-catcher!


No dosage spoon

To protect the environment we abstain from producing redundant dosage spoons and use a common tablespoon.

Our hint: use a used tablespoon out of the dishwasher machine to dose the Dishwasher Liquid.

Optionally you can add the Dishwasher Liquid directly to the dosage chamber.

Dishwasher Liquid2

100% recyclable PET-Bottle
and Lid

The bottle is made of high quality PET and is 100% recyclable. It was produced with as little synthetic material as possible, in order to protect the environment. Over time the thin bottles can become dented.