Our planet, our responsibility

From how our products are made to where they end up, we consider our impact on the planet at every step.

Explore how we strive for better, for everyone.

ENJO sustainable packaging
ENJO Austria product quality control

It starts at the source

Materials matter

The textiles selected to make our ENJOtex Fibres are sustainably sourced in Vorarlberg Austria, the mecca for textile innovation and the only region in the world where all stages of the supply chain are present.

Testing our textiles

Our raw textiles are Oeko-Tex certified which means they have been independently tested and proven to be non-toxic and free of harmful substances.

Handmade with care

Every ENJOtex Fibre product is carefully hand-sewn in Vorarlberg Austria, using modern machinery that’s managed by skilled staff who have a wealth of experience producing our fibres.

Sustainable thinking powers us

Cleaner production, cleaner air
The emissions created to produce ENJO products are offset by reforestation projects and since 2015 ENJO International has been 100% carbon neutral and carbon positive since January 2022.
Powered by green energy
Solar energy is used to power our International and Australian operations.
A to B with less C(O2)
ENJO products are available in 26 different countries and in 70% of cases are transported by boat and train to minimise our environmental impact.

ENJO Australia Headoffice solar panels
ENJO washing care instructions

We empower smarter choices

Zero waste philosophy
We like to put our waste to work and prevent old fibres ending up in local landfills. Send back your old fibres for recycling for a truly zero-waste cleaning routine.

Simplified + sustainable

Cleaning with ENJO is designed to be quick, easy and sustainable. ENJO products are reusable and durable, sustaining your cleaning routine for 3 years without replacement.

Conscious cleaning

Zero chemicals and no disposable waste means our products protect waterways and reduce our impact on landfill.

More mindful, less wasteful

From our eco-friendly product packaging to our zero-waste recycling program, we consider the planet at every step of the way.

What matters to you, matters to us

When it comes to choosing products for your home and life, what matters to you, matters to us.

If you think we could be doing more to protect what matters right now and in the future, we’d love to hear from you.