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Unique and Sustainable Gift Ideas: Celebrating the Halo Middle East Way

Unique Celebrating Halo Middle East Way

Give, Love and Celebrate!

We encourage you to consider giving gifts that embody the same values that we hold true: Happy, Healthy and Harmonious living.
Opting for gifts that are local and sustainable will ensure that you treat everyone well—and take care of the environment.

The Joy of Sustainable Gifting

We love sustainable gifting because it helps us celebrate wellness and a healthy lifestyle, while keeping joy and sharing at heart. One such amazing gift is the ENJO Skin Care bundle.

ENJO Skin Care Bundle: The Gift of Glowing Skin

Our luxurious ENJO Skin Care bundles check all the boxes: They are personal, unique, reusable and best of all you give the gift of GLOWING SKIN! Our skincare products are carefully crafted to pamper your skin, and more importantly, remove the use of harmful chemicals. Best of all – we deliver them in a cute reusable bag, wrapped and ready to gift to your loved one.

The “Ultimate Body & Face” & “The You Are Beautiful” Gift Set

Enjo Body & Face Gift Set

Each bundle includes the Body Duoglove and Face Duoglove. These innovative products exfoliate and deeply cleanse your skin, providing a refreshing spa-like experience at home.

The gloves are named DUO because one side exfoliates and the other cleans pore-deep. The face glove is carefully designed for the more sensitive areas of the face, neck and décolleté and even recommended for babies!

Ultimate Eye Pads Gift Set: A Perfect Gift for All

The set features ENJO Eye Pads that gently cleanse the skin around the eyes, improving complexion and overall skin health. And the best part is, it does so using just water. Sets of 2, 4 or 6 are available now.

Ultimate eyepads set of six HALO ENJO
eyepads set
eyepads set of two HALO ENJO

Sustainable gifting has changed the way we think about giving and receiving. It allows us to spread love, happiness and goodwill—and do our part creating a better life.

Our Personal Sustainable Gift Ideas

In addition to the gift of glow, here are a few of our personal choices for healthy and original sustainable gifts.

1. No More Bottles

No more bottles

Dedicated to reducing single-use plastic waste with their remarkable water filtration products. Gifting a product from them can be a small step with big environmental implications.

P.S. Let them know you are an ENJO user and get your FREE reusable water bottle.


2. Ree

Offers innovative recycling solutions for the UAE, creating a platform that could transform your giftee’s recycling habits. This cool app allows you to trace your recyclables from your doorstep to the end of the loop, while rewarding you for your efforts. It’s a great learning tool for kids to show them how and what your recycled waste becomes.

3. Thrift For Good

They sells pre-loved items to generate funding for children’s education worldwide. HALO Middle East is a proud sponsor and partner of Thrift For Good. Through the ENJOFORGOOD initiative we give 10% of your purchase with us to support a TFG project. Remember to add the code ENJOFORGOOD at checkout.

4. Bark Park Dubai

Bark v2

For the pet lover in your circle, we suggest you check out Bark Park Dubai. Not only do they offer healthy food options but they have an outdoor park for dogs, day-care services and much more. Pair their natural treats with an ENJO Petcare fibre and you’ll have a great gift!

Sahara period underwears and swimwears

A remarkable alternative to traditional period products – period underwear and swimwear. Sahara period underwear is an excellent choice for period protection! It’s comfortable, easy to use (just like regular underwear), convenient, and affordable. Many people are unaware that traditional pads are predominantly made of plastic and by choosing Sahara underwear, you are making a conscious choice to reduce waste and protect the environment.

Redefine gifting this season with sustainable choices. Present your loved ones with gifts that not only spread love and happiness but also contribute to creating a better life for all. Browse our SHOP today and explore our amazing gifting options!

Wishing you health and happiness!
Diane and Tina